With the new First Strike T15 PDW , a new, compatek version of the popular Tiberius Arms T15 comes onto the market. The PDW is no longer a storm gun, like its AR-15 same predecessor, but was developed for CQB players. The design is based on a modern, handy machine gun.


The shoulder rest can be folded in and out easily. The barrel and the housing have been made deliberately shorter. All in all, the T15 PDW is about 30% smaller and more compact than the T15.


The essential differences have already been mentioned above. Mainly, both markers differ in size and construction. Below we have listed and described the individual differences in detail.


Unlike the T15, the T15 PDW has a very compact shoulder rest that can be pushed into the end of the housing. This makes the marker easy to handle and shoot. At the same time it is supercompact by the very short setup and is ideal for games in rooms and narrow terrain.


The Frontshroud has also been significantly reduced in the T15 PDW. The compact 7 “version with keymod mount is lighter and more comfortable to handle than the heavy counterpart of the T15 with attached weave rails. Pros Paintball offers some great paintball markers do check them out.


The shortened course with its trains and fields is still very precise, but, like the marker itself, was designed more to short and medium distances. The high precision of the T15 with long running can not reach this model. But it is more agile and compact. The Ranging Donkey Muzzlebrake also gives the markers a rich, aggressive sound.

All in all, the T15 PDW is a compact T15 in the form of a machine gun. Ideal for all MagFed paintballers in the CQB range. In terms of quality and processing, the T15 PDW of the large T15 is in no way inferior. All parts are very high-quality workmanship and very fitting. It wobbles nothing on the housing and the assemblies work as they should.

Top 5 of the Best Free Video Converters


The treatment with all types of multimedia formats, including video, is more and more widespread among users of any field, whether professionals for their corresponding jobs, students, or in more habitual uses such as social networks, instant messaging applications or email.

In addition, thanks to the high-speed Internet connections we have today, the exchange of such files is becoming more common, since while in the past it was almost insufferable to send a video through the Web today In the day if its format and size are properly optimized, the process is almost immediate. However, as with other archives such as photographic or musical, at present we have a number of alternatives with which to work and that refer directly to the format of each file. In this way and in regards to the video, we can find types like AVI, MPG, WMV, MKV, MP4, MOV, or FLV, among others.

Each one of them has some characteristics, which defines its type of use more suitable, something in which parameters such as quality, weight, compatibility, platforms, etc. already come into play. To know some of the main differences between the most common today, we recommend you take a look at the entry below we offer you.

Well, once we know the different types of formats with which we can work and the environment and use that we are going to make of the corresponding video, it is best to use some software especially suitable for the treatment and conversion of them. In the market, we can find many options for this type of work, but next, we will talk about five of the best-known alternatives, in addition to being completely free. And is that depending on whether we will use that video to transport it on a USB key, send it by email, for professional presentations, to share it on Facebook, etc; The format in which it should work varies.

Any Video Converter (AVC)

One of the main advantages of this software is that it is able to work with almost any format of the most common, so we have almost guaranteed to find the desired format in each case. Its operation is focused on importing the video with which we are going to work and later convert it to the format that we prefer with just a click of a button, that’s as simple as that. In addition, the different formats are categorized by the type of device to which we are going to export it, and we will say that it has a really simple user interface, even for new users in these tasks.

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Freemake Video Converter

As is often the case with these programs, support for multiple video formats is a common feature among most. In this case, although its functionality is very effective, in terms of its user interface, we can not demand too much, it fulfills its function without any delicacies. In the same one, we will only have to select the format of input of the video that we are going to add to the list, later to indicate the format of exit between all compatible. It is also worth mentioning that the speed of treatment, even with large videos, is remarkable in terms of speed.

Free HD Video Converter Factory

As we mentioned before, despite the huge compatibility of video formats supported by these free tools, the fact is that they do not standout because of the attractiveness of their user interface, and something similar happens. It has support for more than 200 different formats, but in this case, we will highlight the support for video in 4K. On the other hand, we will highlight that it converts video files from the Internet web, it has some basic tools for editing and downloading content from portals such as YouTube.


Here we are faced with one of the most special alternatives since it is a very light multi platform option that in this case has specialized in the treatment with MP4 format. And is that this is a program more than adequate for all those who want to optimize the playback of videos on their mobile devices, hence the use of the format. Once the original is loaded, we will be able to select only one part of the video for later conversion, thus saving space. It also has some customization options to define the size of the resulting project, apply some filters, modify the codec to use, and adjust the compression.

Format Factory

To finish we’ll talk about an alternative that, as the main differentiating point with respect to the rest, this treats and converts both video and audio files. This is something that we can check immediately, once installed, when deploying the list of compatibilities to convert, we will see extensions of both types. Of course, this program can not ask for much more than its main function, the conversion, since the rest of functions are very basic and focus on optimizing these tasks. Of course, it has a functionality that will allow us to rip DVDs as well as another to repair damaged video files.