How to listen to your music on Spotify without using data

Spotify is the streaming music service that has the largest number of users worldwide. This service offers interesting options such as being able to add your own music to Spotify and also, listen to it without having to spend in your Data Plan.

Spotify without using data

If you do not know how not to spend data, do not worry, because this time we tell you how it is possible to listen to music from Spotify without using data. The first requirement is to have a premium account, otherwise you will not be able to do so. Once this is done, you will have to do the following:

  • You must choose the playlist you want to listen to when you are not at home or at work.
  • Then, click on the option Available offline.
  • Once this is done, you will have to wait for the songs to be downloaded into our local memory. When all the songs have been downloaded completely, a green arrow will appear next to the playlist when it is available.
  • Now, you must activate the offline mode, for this you will have to go to Spotify> Offline Mode. Ready, even if you do not have an internet connection you can listen to your music.

Spotify apk allows you to synchronize a maximum of 3,333 songs per device and keep them offline for a period of 30 days. The process in other platforms is the same, you just have to take into account that the more songs you want to listen to without data, the longer the waiting time and the amount of memory spent on your device.

We are interested in your opinion:

– Did you know this option to listen to music offline?

– How many songs do you add to your playlist offline?

– Did you know that this on your phone also takes up space?

How to install WhatsApp on the PC

Many people are using social platform to connect with a world like chatting website or some other social site like facebook twitter but WhatsApp on of the best chatting and audio-video calling site that millions of people are using it today we will teach you how we can install WhatsApp in our laptop and pc.

How to download and install WhatsApp on PC: the classic way

  1. Install an Android emulator

The first thing to do is download an Android emulator. We recommend two: YouWave or Blustacks. Next, we will show the process through YouWave.

  1. Search the WhatsApp application

Once you have downloaded YouWave, you have to search for the WhatsApp application, as you would with your smartphone.

  1. Check your phone number

The next step will be to verify the phone number. Keep in mind that you can not use your number at the same time on your computer and on your smartphone. Therefore, you have two options if you want to continue chatting on your mobile:

  • Create a virtual phone number with fonYou
  • Use a number with which you do not use WhatsApp

If you download a virtual number, you will have to verify your number by a call. Press ‘Call me’ and they will call you to give you a three-digit code.

  1. Import your contacts to use WhatsApp on your PC

Once you have verified your phone, you only have to add your telephone contacts (you can do it by sending an email to yourself with an attachment of them) and you can use WhatsApp from your computer.


If you are not so ‘hacker’ as to download several programs to run Android on your PC or if you are an Apple user and you need to download WhatsApp on iOS, it is best that you download the application that is on the WhatsApp website itself.

It is very simple. You only have to go to the top menu of the web and click on “Downloads”. There, you only have to choose the operating system in which you want to download it.Once you have downloaded it, you have to open the data package and let it run on your computer.

When the application is opened for the first time, the application will ask you to link it with your mobile phone. You only have to open the app on your mobile, click on the icon in the form of “Settings” tool and from there, go to the “WhatsApp Web / Desktop” icon.

Your camera will be opened with a Bidi or QR code reader. You will only have to scan the code and your user will be automatically launched into the application.

Use the webapp from the WhatsApp website


If you are someone who does not like to download new applications to your computer to save memory or if you are not allowed to install the application to use WhatsApp on your PC at work, your option is to use your webapp.

Again, just go to the WhatsApp website and click on “WhatsApp Web” on the menu. The user experience will be very similar to what is perceived when using the official application. That is to say, when the web app is launched, a window with a QR code will open for you to scan it with your mobile phone and pair it with the computer.

Have the mobile you have, open the WhatsApp application and go to the tool icon in the app. For Android and Windows phone you will have to go to “Menu” and then to “WhatsApp Web”. If you have an iPhone, go to “Settings” and then to “WhatsApp Web”.

When you enter that option, the camera will open with a QR code reader. You will only have to scan with your mobile the code that appears on your computer screen and you will already have WhatsApp in your browser, be it Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari.

Bad Practices with Google AdSense – Be Careful!


Some time ago we talked about How to make money with your blog, in a series of 3 articles. The last of them focused on Google AdSense and how to integrate it into our WordPress page. Today we are going to see things that we must take into account with the advertising that we add, via AdSense, in our blog, things that we should not do under any circumstances, because we are faced with losing absolutely all the income generated and what would be worse: being banned from AdSense for life.


Clicks on Google ads must come from a genuine interest on the part of the user. Any method that generates clicks or impressions on advertisements artificially is strictly prohibited. These forbidden methods include, among others, manual prints or repeated clicks, tools for automated generation of impressions and clicks, and the use of robots or fraudulent software. Please note that it is prohibited to click on your own ads for any reason.

Sometimes it’s tempting, you see the ad, and it’s interesting or not, you want to click … total, 1 click! Who will find out? Do not do it, you are violating the AdSense policy.

Beware, it tells us that the clicks have to come from a real interest, but it also tells us that it is forbidden to click on the own ads. That is, even if you are interested in the ad, do not click.if you new in Adsense and you buy your domain from somone else or want to buy before you do that you may check your website is banned by google or not that will save your money.


Publishers can not ask other people to click on their ads or use deceptive methods to get clicks. These include, among others, compensation to users for viewing advertisements or searching, promising to collect money for third parties for said behavior or placing images next to individual advertisements.

Avoid using phrases or texts such as “Support us”, “Click on the ads”, “Visit these links”.

It is better not to use anything, to one of those texts, but if you want to correctly identify the advertising do it with a “Sponsored Links”, “Ads” or “Advertising”. This is defined “as is” in the AdSense Terms and Conditions (that billet of text you probably have not read).

Google will determine the invalid activities in all cases, including (i) unsolicited mail, invalid queries, invalid impressions or invalid clicks from Ads generated by anyone, robot, automated program or similar device, including those made through clicks or impressions that come from your IP addresses or computers under your control; (ii) requested clicks or impressions generated through payments, false statements or requests addressed to end users urging them to click on the Ads or perform other actions; (iii) Ads provided to end users whose browsers have Java Script disabled; and (iv) clicks or impressions intermixed with a significant amount of the activity described in the previous sections (i, ii and iii).


Google prohibits the use of the AdSense code on pages of different kinds, such as pages that contain pornographic content, violent, not suitable for minors, sites that induce piracy, sites related to weapons, etc. Check all categories here:

Similarly, if your website includes content protected by copyright, you can not display AdSense ads either, unless you own those rights.


Google ads, search boxes and search results can not:

  • Integrate into any type of software application (does not apply to AdMob), including toolbars;
  • Show in pop-up windows or in underlying windows;
  • Place yourself in emails, email programs, including web email, or on pages where dynamic content (such as live chats, instant messaging, or comments that are automatically updated) is the main focus (it is not applicable to AdMob);
  • Place yourself in email messages, email programs or chat programs. (not applicable to AdMob);
  • Showing unclear due to other elements of the page; Included in a page without content (does not apply to AdSense for search, AdSense for mobile search or AdMob);
  • Include in pages specifically designed to show ads, appear on pages whose content or URL may make users think that, due to the improper use of logos, trademarks or other brand features, is associated with Google;
  • Insert yourself into other products or services of Google, or next to them, in such a way that the policies of said product or service are infringed.


Basically it comes to saying that: if you show ads, you have to let your visitors know. In the article we give you some tips to integrate an automated message on the web.

All this information can be expanded on the “AdSense Program Policies” page. I advise you to take a look, because it is you who care about your money.


With the new First Strike T15 PDW , a new, compatek version of the popular Tiberius Arms T15 comes onto the market. The PDW is no longer a storm gun, like its AR-15 same predecessor, but was developed for CQB players. The design is based on a modern, handy machine gun.


The shoulder rest can be folded in and out easily. The barrel and the housing have been made deliberately shorter. All in all, the T15 PDW is about 30% smaller and more compact than the T15.


The essential differences have already been mentioned above. Mainly, both markers differ in size and construction. Below we have listed and described the individual differences in detail.


Unlike the T15, the T15 PDW has a very compact shoulder rest that can be pushed into the end of the housing. This makes the marker easy to handle and shoot. At the same time it is supercompact by the very short setup and is ideal for games in rooms and narrow terrain.


The Frontshroud has also been significantly reduced in the T15 PDW. The compact 7 “version with keymod mount is lighter and more comfortable to handle than the heavy counterpart of the T15 with attached weave rails. Pros Paintball offers some great paintball markers do check them out.


The shortened course with its trains and fields is still very precise, but, like the marker itself, was designed more to short and medium distances. The high precision of the T15 with long running can not reach this model. But it is more agile and compact. The Ranging Donkey Muzzlebrake also gives the markers a rich, aggressive sound.

All in all, the T15 PDW is a compact T15 in the form of a machine gun. Ideal for all MagFed paintballers in the CQB range. In terms of quality and processing, the T15 PDW of the large T15 is in no way inferior. All parts are very high-quality workmanship and very fitting. It wobbles nothing on the housing and the assemblies work as they should.

9 Reasons Why I love (and at the same time hate) LED headlights

Full LED headlights are a reality. More and more vehicles use LED headlamps, often as standard in intermediate or optional ranges, at a reasonable cost. A priori, LED headlights are all advantages. And I say a priori because I do not agree with that statement, at least after having tried quite a few cars with different LED lighting systems. To the point where the best headlights I’ve tested to date were LEDs and also the worst ones, some headlights with which I honestly did not feel safe driving at night on the road at legal speeds.

We have not yet become accustomed to the irruption of LED headlights and there are already cars rolling through Spain with laser lights.

The proliferation of these LED lights and the fact that they are becoming more common has even changed our work habits. I’m going to have to wait for a car at night. And when I say try to car at night I mean looking for ways and unpaved highways to thoroughly test your headlight system, except on those occasions where they bring something new to what we had already tested to date. And when we have just become accustomed to the irruption of LED headlights, in Spain cars are already rolling with laser lights, the next step in the development of the lighting technology of our cars.For more visit this website

9 Reasons Why I love (and at the same time hate) LED headlights

And in that my love-hate relationship with LED headlights I recognize that I would recommend paying thousands of euros, in some cases, for a good LED system. And also that I would give them up, or even opt for a more basic equipment line – when these are standard on a complete lines – and would even give up buying a car for the mere fact of employing LED headlights that do not convince.

Advantages of LED headlights: longevity, efficiency, design, versatility to offer adaptive functions, tone …

1. The first point in favour of Best LED headlights is their efficiency. Yes, LED headlights are very efficient, far more than halogen bulbs and xenon headlights. At a time when energy efficiency has become the top priority of the manufacturer and the customer, it is necessary to save at maximum energy, that a car with combustion engine results in fuel economy. It is true that the headlights will not mean the greatest energy consumption of our car, but they are an important factor that we should not belittle. Nissan assured us in its presentation of the new Qashqai that its new LED headlights need 50% less energy than equivalent xenon headlights. Xenon which, at full capacity, are also more efficient than halogen headlights.

2. The second point in favor of LED headlamps is their useful life. Its theoretical duration is in the order of thousands and tens of thousands of hours. This should practically cover the life of a car. On the other hand, unless electric problem, LED headlights do not melt, like a conventional incandescent headlamp. At the end of its useful life its light loses intensity progressively.

9 Reasons Why I love (and at the same time hate) LED headlights-1

3. But LED technology also leads to different thermal problems. On the one hand, the lighting required for a headlamp is so powerful that it generates very high temperatures the LED projector. To solve this, manufacturers have to devise different passive and active cooling systems to relieve the heat generated. On the other hand, LED headlights do not generate heat on the transparent surface of the headlight. As a result, the lighting in very cold and snowy areas can be harmed, especially if we consider that LED headlight technology has also led to the elimination of headlight washers in many cases.

LED headlights are an opportunity, which manufacturers are not to lose, to develop systems with advanced adaptive functions.

4. LEDs also add versatility in car design. Think that thanks to LED projectors can be designed narrower headlights and capricious shapes that somehow define the image of a brand.

5. Please note that not all LED headlights are full LED headlights. That is, sometimes LED technology is combined with discharge lamps, xenon lamps, or even halogen lamps. This aspect is also important to take into account.

6. Greater versatility for advanced functions. In my opinion, the great advantage of LED headlights, by far, is the versatility it offers in offering advanced functions such as the adaptive capacity of the headlights. That is why I do not understand LED headlights without adaptive functions. So far the best I’ve tried have been offered by some premium brands, such as Mercedes-Benz and its Intelligent Light System. These headlights are capable of providing long-range semi-permanent illumination, which works so that the moment we meet another car on the road adapt the light beam to avoid glare, but at the same time maintain its long range to illuminate the area of the road where there are no cars and the most distant traffic signage (see video below).

In some cases, we have tested LED headlamps whose dipped beam offers a really poor range compared to xenon and halogen.

7. And why do I hate these headlights? The reason is so simple that in many cases the range of illumination of some LED headlights is insufficient to drive safely and comfortably at legal speeds. I speak of 120 km / h on motorway and highway. The lighting in the first meters, in all cases, is excellent. But often you find that at a distance to which halogen or xenon headlights would illuminate perfectly, the illumination offered by these LED headlights is quite poor. That’s why it seems so important to test LED headlights before equipping them in our car, or at least make a reading of the opinions of people, whether journalists, or owners in forums, about their experience. Although ideally still perform a night test to have a personal impression.

8. Luckily it is also common for many modern LED headlights to already have an automatic switch-on and disconnect device for long-range headlamps. This system is really useful, and long-range LED headlights do have enough power to improve the distance between halogen headlamps. But this automatism can never replace the lack of reach of short-range light.

9. Among other advantages that are usually mentioned, the white tone of LED lighting, which is certainly pleasant and, at least in my impression, reduces visual fatigue when we have several hours of night driving ahead.

Conclusion: It is important to test LED headlights before choosing them and make sure that the lighting seems correct and sufficient range. As customers, we do not have to adapt to a specific type of headlamps. The headlights provided by the customer are the ones that have to offer us a good night driving experience. And to say that good headlights, with adaptive functions and expensive ones, are usually worth up to the last euro that we invest in them.

Five Ways to Get unique Content, By Relevant Keywords on Your e-commerce Site

E-commerce sites or stores can be particularly difficult to optimize (SEO) to attract search engines, as they tend to have the relevant content deficiency, structured with navigation pages (with little content) and pages Product (based on photos and duplicate content).

So the challenge or challenge to overcome is easy (although not necessarily fast), however, with a simple and effective content strategy.This article describes the content of five techniques that have been used successfully in various e-commerce websites. Some of these techniques are better suited than others to certain types of e-commerce websites. Consequently, you could use only one or more of them on your own website, as the case may be.

1.Descriptions of Categories with lots of text.

For many e-commerce websites, the main keyword optimization will focus on the pages in its category. The problem is that most category pages have little content, which mostly includes pictures and links.

An effective way to overcome this challenge is to write or copy introductory descriptions for each category, which will be displayed above or below the product listings., for example, is a long description (rather an article) at the bottom of the category (or department) pages. Note how descriptions include embedded links to pages in another category.

2.Rewrite Product Descriptions

Although category pages can be the main focus of keywords, product pages offer a lot of long-tail keyword opportunities. The challenge, of course, is that in many cases the product pages provided by the manufacturer use in the descriptions, which are duplicated in many other e-commerce websites.

One solution is to rewrite product descriptions to make them unique. Although it may not be practical to do for every product on your website, you could start with a short list of the products that offer the greatest SEO opportunities.Select products for which your site is not ranked No. 1 but which would allow excellent profitability if it were a higher more important thing if you hire a content writer before you get a post into your website use this free plagiarism checker tool that helps you to detect content is copied or not.

3.Write product expert reviews

An excellent strategy for adding keyword-targeted content to an e-commerce site is to write and post product expert reviews.In-depth product reviews could include images, videos, product testing and detailed analysis, and other value-added content that would be useful to buyers.

4.Create multi-page pages

Multi-thematic pages are pages that include various types of content specific to a specific keyword.

To create a multi-page page, start by selecting the keyword you want to target your campaign. Then write a very short article or relevant content about that keyword and place it at the top of the page batiburrillo.

Below that introductory content, it includes links to the products or categories of products on your website. Elsewhere on the page, including images, videos, comments, guides, or any other relevant content you may have on your site.The result is strong, keyword-rich page orientation, with relevant content perfect for users and search engines.

5.Enter Purchase Guides.

Buying guides are the deep articles that teach consumers what they need to know to select and buy the best product for their needs. Guides are especially useful for products that require specialized knowledge to understand.

For example, consumers on average know very little about computer specifications or how to choose the right equipment for their needs, so a buyer’s guide can be very useful for a website that sells computers.

The buyer’s tabs can be very easily optimized for the main or secondary keywords since they usually have keyword rich content.

Top 5 of the Best Free Video Converters


The treatment with all types of multimedia formats, including video, is more and more widespread among users of any field, whether professionals for their corresponding jobs, students, or in more habitual uses such as social networks, instant messaging applications or email.

In addition, thanks to the high-speed Internet connections we have today, the exchange of such files is becoming more common, since while in the past it was almost insufferable to send a video through the Web today In the day if its format and size are properly optimized, the process is almost immediate. However, as with other archives such as photographic or musical, at present we have a number of alternatives with which to work and that refer directly to the format of each file. In this way and in regards to the video, we can find types like AVI, MPG, WMV, MKV, MP4, MOV, or FLV, among others.

Each one of them has some characteristics, which defines its type of use more suitable, something in which parameters such as quality, weight, compatibility, platforms, etc. already come into play. To know some of the main differences between the most common today, we recommend you take a look at the entry below we offer you.

Well, once we know the different types of formats with which we can work and the environment and use that we are going to make of the corresponding video, it is best to use some software especially suitable for the treatment and conversion of them. In the market, we can find many options for this type of work, but next, we will talk about five of the best-known alternatives, in addition to being completely free. And is that depending on whether we will use that video to transport it on a USB key, send it by email, for professional presentations, to share it on Facebook, etc; The format in which it should work varies.

Any Video Converter (AVC)

One of the main advantages of this software is that it is able to work with almost any format of the most common, so we have almost guaranteed to find the desired format in each case. Its operation is focused on importing the video with which we are going to work and later convert it to the format that we prefer with just a click of a button, that’s as simple as that. In addition, the different formats are categorized by the type of device to which we are going to export it, and we will say that it has a really simple user interface, even for new users in these tasks.

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Freemake Video Converter

As is often the case with these programs, support for multiple video formats is a common feature among most. In this case, although its functionality is very effective, in terms of its user interface, we can not demand too much, it fulfills its function without any delicacies. In the same one, we will only have to select the format of input of the video that we are going to add to the list, later to indicate the format of exit between all compatible. It is also worth mentioning that the speed of treatment, even with large videos, is remarkable in terms of speed.

Free HD Video Converter Factory

As we mentioned before, despite the huge compatibility of video formats supported by these free tools, the fact is that they do not standout because of the attractiveness of their user interface, and something similar happens. It has support for more than 200 different formats, but in this case, we will highlight the support for video in 4K. On the other hand, we will highlight that it converts video files from the Internet web, it has some basic tools for editing and downloading content from portals such as YouTube.


Here we are faced with one of the most special alternatives since it is a very light multi platform option that in this case has specialized in the treatment with MP4 format. And is that this is a program more than adequate for all those who want to optimize the playback of videos on their mobile devices, hence the use of the format. Once the original is loaded, we will be able to select only one part of the video for later conversion, thus saving space. It also has some customization options to define the size of the resulting project, apply some filters, modify the codec to use, and adjust the compression.

Format Factory

To finish we’ll talk about an alternative that, as the main differentiating point with respect to the rest, this treats and converts both video and audio files. This is something that we can check immediately, once installed, when deploying the list of compatibilities to convert, we will see extensions of both types. Of course, this program can not ask for much more than its main function, the conversion, since the rest of functions are very basic and focus on optimizing these tasks. Of course, it has a functionality that will allow us to rip DVDs as well as another to repair damaged video files.

4 Tips to Increase The Authority Of Your Web

We could define the Domain Authority (DA), as the quality index of a web, following the guidelines of Moz, a full authority on SEO. It is an indicator of the relevance and popularity of a Site, which is measured from 0 to 100, with 100 being the highest degree of authority. According to Moz, the Domain Authority (DA) shows the estimate on how search engines will take into account our website. A scale that Moz allows to calculate thanks to a tool created ex profeso, which takes into account more than 40 aspects on the Site.

It should be noted that increasing this domain authority at lower levels is relatively simple. If you work well optimizing your page and strive to develop a good link building strategy you could upload without problems from 20 to 30, even 40. On the other hand, reaching the highest levels is much more complicated. Excellence is only reserved for a privileged few. If there are pages that have a score of 100, such as Google or Facebook, but if you test and analyze the pages of competition, and even important portals, you will see that they hardly reach 70.

Surely you’re wondering what you should do to improve the authority of your domain. Well, here are some keys to improve this important and relevant index for SEO.

4 Tips to Increase The Authority Of Your Web

Tips for improving our Domain Authority

Before you begin, it is important to remember that there are many factors that influence AD. Therefore, improving this index is not a matter of working a couple of specific aspects on your page, but of improving it globally. Having clarified this point, these are my recommendations:

  1. Includes Outstanding Content

I do not say good, nor quality, but really surprising; That highlights and impacts the audience. To be a reference website is not enough to keep your page updated, or write about topics of general interest. It must have something special, that capacity to move your visits to the action, to replicate it, to comment it and to want to spread it.mostly people use low-quality content or one click spin content which is very bad for your website health try to focus on quality content that makes your website better and powerful.

  1. Develop a proactive attitude in social networks

Social networks are much more important than they seem, and can significantly help you achieve relevance and notoriety for your website. 2.0 channels are a powerful tool to spread your content and reach an audience that otherwise would not be able to. Do not forget the power of Google+, a direct descendant of the great G, who plays a transcendental role in getting social recommendations for your website.

  1. Surround yourself with the best

If the Authority Websites mention you, your website will also become an Authority for Google

If you aspire to be one of them, you have to rub shoulders with the online elite, gain their trust and be able to address them from you to you. Do not settle for less. Webs there are thousands, what I say thousands, millions. You will not be able to excel unless you get the approval of the great. This is achieved if you have followed the two previous recommendations and you are able to add value to these sites of reference. That’s when all your negotiation skills, empathy and professionalism come into play, that will lead you to get your favourite deal and make them want to support you in your purpose.

  1. Cultivate a quality building link

In order to increase your domain authority, burn a thing to fire, more worth quality than quantity. The really relevant aspect is to get referrals from sites with as much authority as you. It is an unmistakable sign that your website is really worth it. Therefore, direct your efforts in this regard, and make merits to get these sites to link you.before you start work on it. you can check your domain authority and then start working on it then you can figure out which links were effective and which are not.

As they say in Search Engine Journal, there is no magic recipe to grow the domain authority. It is only achieved on the basis of work and know-how. All with a clear strategy and a concrete objective: to gain in quality and to be a reference for the users.

How to turn off security notifications in Windows 10

Windows 10 displays different types of notifications, either to inform the user of new mail messages, other applications installed by the user or even the system itself related to configuration, antivirus protection, system updates or something malfunction concrete. On most occasions in relatively easy disabling notifications for certain applications, however, we will show below how to disable Windows 10 security notifications.

From the new configuration page that came with the latest version of the Microsoft operating system it is possible to disable the notifications of many applications such as the mail itself, the browser, the Windows store and other third-party applications. But when the notifications are related to the system’s own configuration, security or Windows 10 updates, things change, because we can not deactivate them so easily.

Security notifications

How to turn off security notifications, virus protection, or updates
On this occasion, if we want these notifications not to appear when you least expect them, we will have to go to the Windows 10 registry and deactivate them manually. Therefore, before anything, it is advisable to make a backup of the registry in case something is wrong to recover the values ​​that we had before the change.

Once this is done, we launch the regedit command from the Windows Run window and navigate to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ SOFTWARE \ Policies \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Explorer \ path. In case there is no Explorer under that path, we will have to proceed to create it right click on Windows and selecting the menu option New> Key and give it the name Explorer.

In Explorer, right-clicking on the right pane again, select the option New> DWORD Value 32 bits and give it the name DisableNotificationCenter. We double-click on the new value we just created and assign it the value 1 in hexadecimal. On this occasion, for the changes to take effect we must restart the computer.

Once you start the system again we can check how all the notifications that Windows 10 showed us about the system configuration, antivirus protection or those related to Windows 10 updates are no longer displayed on the desktop. If at any time we want to re-activate this type of notifications, we only have to follow the same steps again and set the value of DisableNotificationCenter to 0 and will automatically re-activate all this type of Windows 10 security notifications.

Why does the Mac slow down after a while?

Tired of a slow Mac? You ask: slow Mac that I do? Then read on …. If you use a Mac for a while, you notice that like any PC, a Mac also becomes a slow Mac.

Tired of a slow Mac? It is increasingly necessary to wait for Apple’s operating system and applications to boot, as they do not react as quickly as before, then all these results generate a stress for Mac users. Of why Mac is getting slower are easy to explain like, although to solve the problem, it is not always easy.

A slow Mac: What are the most common reasons?

Little free space on the hard disk
A virus or malware
Hardware cleanup is missing
Missing system updates
Clean Mac Slow:

Mac slow If you are looking for a way to improve the performance of your Mac slow, the next tips can help you achieve this goal. The good functioning of any system is the health status of the key components, such as free space on the hard disk and the amount of available RAM. If you have a lot of junk files on the disk, or you start a bunch of applications when you start the computer and do not perform with a good cleaning, you will never get a Mac with a good performance.

Step 1: Clean your Mac.

Slow Internet? Control the presence of a Virus:

Once you have done a cleaning, you should notice an improvement, but unfortunately, it is not always so. Why does not the Mac go faster? That can have two causes:

The Mac is infected by a virus
The system needs a more thorough cleaning.
The Apple system also suffers from virus attacks or other malware. A PC infected by a virus results in poor performance. A virus means having a slow Mac and consequently a slow internet. Neither a cleanup can improve the performance of the system. What can you do? Check if Mac has any viruses or malware. To determine if you have a virus you need a tool that has a Mac antivirus, such as Mackeeper. If you do not have any antivirus installed, I advise you to download this tool here to do a free scan.