4 Tips to Increase The Authority Of Your Web

We could define the Domain Authority (DA), as the quality index of a web, following the guidelines of Moz, a full authority on SEO. It is an indicator of the relevance and popularity of a Site, which is measured from 0 to 100, with 100 being the highest degree of authority. According to Moz, the Domain Authority (DA) shows the estimate on how search engines will take into account our website. A scale that Moz allows to calculate thanks to a tool created ex profeso, which takes into account more than 40 aspects on the Site.

It should be noted that increasing this domain authority at lower levels is relatively simple. If you work well optimizing your page and strive to develop a good link building strategy you could upload without problems from 20 to 30, even 40. On the other hand, reaching the highest levels is much more complicated. Excellence is only reserved for a privileged few. If there are pages that have a score of 100, such as Google or Facebook, but if you test and analyze the pages of competition, and even important portals, you will see that they hardly reach 70.

Surely you’re wondering what you should do to improve the authority of your domain. Well, here are some keys to improve this important and relevant index for SEO.

4 Tips to Increase The Authority Of Your Web

Tips for improving our Domain Authority

Before you begin, it is important to remember that there are many factors that influence AD. Therefore, improving this index is not a matter of working a couple of specific aspects on your page, but of improving it globally. Having clarified this point, these are my recommendations:

  1. Includes Outstanding Content

I do not say good, nor quality, but really surprising; That highlights and impacts the audience. To be a reference website is not enough to keep your page updated, or write about topics of general interest. It must have something special, that capacity to move your visits to the action, to replicate it, to comment it and to want to spread it.mostly people use low-quality content or one click spin content which is very bad for your website health try to focus on quality content that makes your website better and powerful.

  1. Develop a proactive attitude in social networks

Social networks are much more important than they seem, and can significantly help you achieve relevance and notoriety for your website. 2.0 channels are a powerful tool to spread your content and reach an audience that otherwise would not be able to. Do not forget the power of Google+, a direct descendant of the great G, who plays a transcendental role in getting social recommendations for your website.

  1. Surround yourself with the best

If the Authority Websites mention you, your website will also become an Authority for Google

If you aspire to be one of them, you have to rub shoulders with the online elite, gain their trust and be able to address them from you to you. Do not settle for less. Webs there are thousands, what I say thousands, millions. You will not be able to excel unless you get the approval of the great. This is achieved if you have followed the two previous recommendations and you are able to add value to these sites of reference. That’s when all your negotiation skills, empathy and professionalism come into play, that will lead you to get your favourite deal and make them want to support you in your purpose.

  1. Cultivate a quality building link

In order to increase your domain authority, burn a thing to fire, more worth quality than quantity. The really relevant aspect is to get referrals from sites with as much authority as you. It is an unmistakable sign that your website is really worth it. Therefore, direct your efforts in this regard, and make merits to get these sites to link you.before you start work on it. you can check your domain authority and then start working on it then you can figure out which links were effective and which are not.

As they say in Search Engine Journal, there is no magic recipe to grow the domain authority. It is only achieved on the basis of work and know-how. All with a clear strategy and a concrete objective: to gain in quality and to be a reference for the users.

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