What Does Alcohol Do To Your Teeth?

Every time you indulge in alcohol, you may be thinking about how it will make you a little bit tipsy, or how the carbs and sugars won’t be doing your waistline any good. However, the impact of alcohol is not only on your body but your oral health too. As most dentists in Seattle will tell you, alcohol is something you should avoid or limit if you want a set of pearly whites that are in tip-top shape. Here’s why.

Stains Your Teeth

Most dentists in Seattle can give you a long list of things that can stain your teeth, but they may not tell you that alcohol is a significant contributor. If you drink red wine, dark soda with liquor, or any dark drinks, you’re more at risk. However, you can minimize the damage by drinking dark drinks through a straw and by rinsing your mouth out with water often.

Dries Your Mouth Out

Not all dentists in Seattle will get into the nitty-gritty details of what alcohol can do to your teeth, but it can affect your mouth too. High-alcohol beverages can dry out the mouth of saliva – which your teeth need to remove plaque and bacteria from the surface. If you don’t regularly drink water between alcoholic drinks, you may be more at risk of bacteria and plaque build up.

Causes Serious Problems

If you want to limit your trips to dentists in Seattle, then you may like to curb your drinking. Everyone knows alcohol is

something to consume in moderation, but oral health studies will surprise you. If you are a heavy drinker, you are more at risk of gum disease, tooth decay, and mouth sores than if you didn’t drink to excess. Alcohol abuse is also a risk factor in oral cancer.

Breaks Them

While alcohol itself is not to blame for breaking your teeth, sometimes your actions while drinking can cause them to chip, break, and crack. Alcohol-related hospital admissions are at an all-time high, and how you use your teeth can have an impact. Don’t open bottles with your teeth, and don’t crunch ice, either. Both of these actions can see you with cracked or fractured teeth, having to see dentists in Seattle.

If you want to avoid staining, damage, plaque build-up and bacteria, then it might be time to limit your alcohol intake. Take better care of your oral health today.